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Homeless and Migrant Shelter Operations

City of Denver, Colorado

  • Project Start: 12/01/23
  • Project End: Ongoing

Project Highlights

  • ACDC hired 32 bi-lingual shelter staff in 4 days
  • 200 bed facility
  • Developed a new status dashboard for data tracking and visualization
  • Management of a migrant shelter co-sharing a site with a traditional homeless shelter during a record cold period in Denver

Project Description

ACDC, alongside an industry partner, manages and operates a migrant shelter for the City of Denver. The shelter is positioned in a city building in downtown Denver and has a maximum capacity of 200 beds. This shelter operations included coordination with several city and local non-profit agencies to provide case management, housing assistance, and job assistance to the shelter occupants.

NYC Migrant/Asylum Sheltering Operations

New York City Department of Emergency Management

  • Project Start: 05/26/23
  • Project End: 08/31/23

Project Highlights

  • 1,300 rooms
  • approximately 2,400 individuals (600 families)) housed
  • Staff were prepared for on-boarding to this project within 48 hours of the initial request

Project Description

The NYC migrant shelter hotel ACDC is supporting has 1,300 rooms and the capacity to house up to 3,000 individuals. The hotel employs hundreds of staff to ensure safe, continuous 24/7 operations and has been operating as a migrant shelter for over 7 months.


The shelter provides access to a variety of humanitarian resources and services, and it is designed to meet the immediate needs of the individuals (approximately 2,400 individuals (600 families)) housed as they adapt to unknown surroundings and strive for stability. ACDC had 20 staff on site alongside partner staff and 2 remote Supervisory team members.