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HMGP, NFWF, Coastal Fund Grant Development and Resilient Redevelopment Plan

City of Mexico Beach, Florida

  • Project Start: 10/01/18
  • Project End: Ongoing

Project Description

Following the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Michael, ACDC has played a pivotal role in the recovery and resilience efforts of the City of Mexico Beach, managing over $400 million from FEMA, EDA, and NRCS funds.


ACDC worked directly with city, state, and federal staff post Hurricane-Michael to develop a resiliency and recovery plan for the City of Mexico Beach. As a component of the plan, ACDC staff performed a vulnerability assessment based on hazard identification, observed damages, wind maps, flood exposure and priority risk assessment. Once all vulnerabilities had been assessed, our staff performed an analysis of City infrastructure to determine adaptive capacity for mitigation and resiliency, existing resiliency actions already implemented, and developed an implementation plan for resiliency and mitigation options for future projects.  ACDC also assisted the City with synthesizing stakeholder planning goals and objectives as well as facilitating public workshops and outreach sessions to get maximum public and local stakeholder input. Projects identified through this process for implementation in the Resiliency and Recovery Plan included regional stormwater detention and management, wastewater bypass pumping, jetty improvements involving sand bypassing, flood control, and hardened emergency facilities for police and fire.   

ACDC also performs Certified Floodplain Management services on an as needed basis to provide flood plain plan review and maintain compliance with the adopted codes, ordinances, and all the associate referenced standards, rules, statutes.